Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mango Kulfi

At last, after the longest winter in history , the summer months are finally upon us.Cities around the country have hit records recently, with London City’s heat index reaching 32 degree C over Fourth of July weekend
Here in London everybody is enjoying the hot weather. Am seeing lot of BBQ parties and park festivals.The city looks very colorful and modern.

Last weekend I had a guest in my home they asked me to do only indian dishes specially Tamilnadu special dosa..We South indians preparing dosa and sambar is not a big deal but I felt that its too simple menu for a dinner party so I planned with variety of dosa like masal dosa,podi dosa,ghee dosa and panniyaram with sambar and two types of chutneys and at last I come with indian special dessert Kulfi. This make-ahead creamy treat is the refreshing end to a meal and is the ideal dessert for summertime entertaining with indian touch.

Kulfi is a traditional icecream having the same taste and creamy texture but is ridiculously simple to make. Kulfi is basically a frozen dessert rather than calling it icecream. Typically icecream has a creamy texture and soft whereas kulfi is little dense. Kulfi takes long time to melt as well.

Traditionally in India, kulfi is sold by vendors called kulfiwala who keep the kulfi frozen by placing the moulds inside a large earthenware pot called a "matka", filled with ice and salt. It is served on a leaf or frozen onto a stick. It can be garnished with pistachios, cardamom and similar. Often it is served as "falooda kulfi", which is kulfi with rice noodles, rose or any flavour sugar syrup and other ingredients. Popular flavours include pistachio, mango, vanilla, and rose.

Verdict - My guest loved it so much and asked me the here follows :)

Recipe Source : tarladalal

Ingredients :

2 ½ cups(Whole milk)
Milk Powder
¼ cup
Condensed Milk
½ cup
¼ – ½ cup(Based on your taste)
Almond Paste
2 tbsp
Mango Pulp
1 cup
Chopped Nuts
3 tbsp
Saffron strands

Steps :

  1. In a heavy bottom sauce pan add milk and bring to boil.
  2. Then add condensed milk,almond paste,sugar,saffron strands and mix well.
  3. Bring this mixture to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes or till thickens.
  4. Cool completely and add the mango pulp and chopped nuts mix well.
  5. Pour into individual kulfi moulds and freeze till set.
  6. Unmould and serve. You can easily do that by placing it under running water for few seconds.


  1. Love Mango kulfi n ur looks so creamy n the addition of almond here, tempting kulfi Saranya!

  2. Superb clicks n just love the recipe

  3. The kulfi looks very smooth and creamy Saranya :) Really delish!

  4. love the mango kulfi... looks so tempting sarani...

  5. yummy!.. cool lovely mango kulfi.. :)

  6. that's really awesome sharanya... :)

  7. Wow, looks fantastic! Delicious & refreshing! Thank you Saranya for visiting :)

  8. Looks perfect dear.. Apt way to celebrate the heat & refresh urselves :) Ur guests must have had a yummy time !

  9. Awesome kulfi's.. Loved it... Perfect for summer season Saranya :-)


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