Friday, 24 May 2013

Vegetable Poha | Easy Breakfast recipe

I have the habit waking up bit late during weekends.. I used to skip breakfast and will go to lunch straight away   Sometimes I am forced to cook breakfast during weekends. :) I used to cook upma..I am bored with that. I need a healthy dish which I should cook in jiffy. . Vegetable poha ticking all the boxes...Yes it contains lots of vegetables and takes only 10 minutes to cook...

Ingredients :

Poha(Flattened rice ) 1 cup
Carrot 1
Beans ½ cup chopped
Potato 1(medium size)
Cauliflower 3 florets
Green peas ½ cup
Ginger ½ inch (finely chopped)
Garlic 3 cloves(chopped)
Onion 1
Green chillies 4
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Mustard seeds ¼ tsp
Cumin seeds ½ tsp
Salt As needed
Pepper 2 tsp
Oil 1 tbsp

Steps :

  1. Wash poha (Flattened rice) in running water and drain the water and keep aside.
  2. Chop onions,green chillies and all the vegetables keep it ready.
  3. Heat oil in a pan once hot add mustard seeds,cumin seeds when it sparkles add chopped onions fry till turns pink.
  4. Then add ginger,garlic,green chillies and curry leaves fry for 2 mins, then add chopped vegetables cover and cook till soft.
  5. Once vegetables are soft and cooked add pepper powder mix well then add poha and mix gently.
  6. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.


  1. Quick and healthy breakfast.. Very colorful..

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  9. Fabulous post.. Loved this colourful poha Sharanya :-)

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  11. Easy and healthy recipe.. looks colourful with the addition of veggies

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