Monday, 17 December 2012

Onion Pakoda / Pakora

Onion pakoda is my all time favourite snack, specially during rainy season. A cup of tea with hot pakoda during this season is absolutely amazing. Its always a big hit when prepared for parties at home.

Here's the recipe of mouthering, crispy onion pakoda's....

Ingredients :

Gram Flour
1/2 cup
Rice Flour
1/4 cup
Green Chilli
5 sliced thinly
2 sliced thinly
Mint leaves
1/2 cup
1 inch sliced thinly
Cooking Soda
A pinch
As required
For Frying
Fennel Seeds
1 tsp


  1. Add gram flour,rice flour,onion,green chilli,ginger,mint leaves,fennel seeds and salt in the mixing bowl.
  2. Add one tsp of ghee into the mixture for crispy pakoda.
  3. Mix well and then sprinkle very little water and mix well to form a dry mixture, make sure not to add more water,as adding more water will absorb lot of oil and not give you a crispy pakoda.
  4. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan,when the oil is hot, put the onion mixture in a sprinkled way and deep fry in medium flame.
  5. Fry till golden in colour and serve hot with tea...


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