Friday, 21 December 2012

Nan Khatai ~ Lovely Ghee Biscuit

Some time back, I posted about my kitchen story.. With new kitchen what next?.. Obviously some new recipies :) For a long time, I am planning to bake some dish.. My dear friend and co-blogger Priya Ranjith suggested me to start with Ghee Biscuit.. This was reminding me about my childhood days, some of my relatives used to buy only Ghee Biscuits whenever they come to my home.. Back to business :) Priya gave me this recipe and I followed the same steps.. The output is awesome.. Kudos Priya...

Ingredients :

Granulated sugar
½ cup
½ cup
All purpose flour
1 cup

Method :

  • Pre-heat oven to 180C/ 350 F and line a cookie try with baking sheet/ grease proof paper. Powder the sugar and elaichi together
  • In a mixing bowl sieve the flour, powdered sugar and elaichi
  • In a pan melt ghee, let it cool down to room temperature and mix it little by little to the dry ingredients, making it little wet to a dough consistency. Its fine if its little sticky and not a perfect dough
  • Roll small balls out of them and place them on the cookie sheet, slightly tap them on top, don't press them too much they might tend to crack while baking. Spread them evenly leaving space between the cookies (they won't spread)
  • Bake them for exactly 15 mins, don't need to let them turn brown. Once done place them in a cooling rack and let it cool for 10-12 mins and store them in air-tight jars


  1. wow looks superb Saranya :) after you said you made them i made one set using wheat flour, this is my favorite biscuit as a child... done it perfect and hope you both enjoyed this... so sweet of you for the write up...

  2. Yummy yummy.....Very flavorful cookies..


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