Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pasi Parupu Payasam/Moong dal Payasam

Parupu Payasam is an awesome sweet. This is very flavorful and my favorite too…I made this payasam for this diwali..

Ingredients :

Pasi Parupu/Moon Dal      1 cup
Jaggery                              1/2(adjust to ur taste)
Coconut(gratted)                1/4 cup
Milk                                   1/2 cup
Water                                 1 cup (to cook the dal)
Ghee                                  2 tbsp
Elachi                                 2 or powdered
Cashews                             6
Raisins                               6

 Method : 

  1. Fry the Moong dal with 1 tbsp ghee till the nice aroma comes..
  2. Dissolve the jaggery in hot water and filter it.
  3. Pressure cook the dal for 3 whistles with water and milk and mash it up. I used vessel to cook the  dal. It will take around 20 mins and mash it well...
  4. Add the dissolved jaggery, Elachi powdered and coconut paste or coconut milk into it,cook for five mins or till it get the thick...
  5. Check the sugar consistency if needed add little more...
  6. Add the roasted cashews and raisins into it..


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