Monday, 12 November 2012

Kaju katli (Mundhiri Burfi)

I want to start my blog on a special occasion with a big punch so i will start with a very special sweet kaju katli/mundiri burfi. Whenever I go to sweet shops, my eyes always search Kaju Katli.. Sometimes I used to ask persons in the shop on how they are making Kaju katli. My mom used to cook this sweet on special occasions..This is a very simple and easy dish which anyone can make it.

This is my first diwali which I am celebrating after my marriage.  This is my diwali sweet.. Hope you all like this sweet..

Prep time ~ 1 hour
cooking time ~ 30 mins
Serves ~ 20 burfies


Cashew : 1 cup
Sugar : 1/2 cup
Ghee : 3 tbsp(for greasing)


  1. Soak the cashew in hot water for 1 hour after that drain the water and keep it aside.
  2. Grind the cashew in mixer grinder or stone grinder.  my mom used to do this in stone grinder but i have no choice :(
  3. if u need add little bit water just for grinding use the soaked water.
  4. Mix the sugar with grounded cashew paste and mix it well
  5. Heat the thick bottom kadai put the cashew paste in it.
  6. Keep stirring till the paste get thick like dough. Add 1 tbsp ghee to get much smoother dough.
  7. The dough will be non sticky and you can check by taking a small piece in a hand which won’t be sticky.
  8. Now turn-off the stove, allow the dough to cool for 5 mins. Then knead it till a soft dough is formed then transfer this to the greased plate (put a ghee on a plate) and roll them evenly of 1/4 inch thickness with chappathi roller. Cut them into diamonds or any desirable shape.

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  1. Cashew Katli looks superb I am yet to try this at home :-) this is my favorite sweet.


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